Malaysian Indians Issues

Malaysian Indians Issues tackle topics that matter and beset Malaysian Indians. Malaysian Indian Issues seek to reform and reinstate the mindset, redundant establishments, irrelevant attributes, traditionalism, hypocrisy, plight, dilemma and yoke Malaysian Indians have and are beleaguered with.

Malaysian Indian Issues is divided into 6 sub categories:

  • Community sub category of Malaysian Indians Issues addresses problems the Malaysian Indian community faces day to day, such as abysmal socioeconomy status, preoccupation with trivial things and problems in getting priorities right.
  • Education sub category of Malaysian Indian Issues promulgates the barriers Indians here have from elementary to varsity education. Education opportunities and the importance of education against all odds will be posted and discussed in this sub Malaysian Indian issues category.
  • Lifestyle sub category of Malaysian Indian Issues covers the habits and quirks unique to Malaysian Indians. From the way we talk to the way we dine, all of them will be dissected in this Malaysian Indians Issue sub category.
  • Culture sub category of Malaysian Indians issues emphasizes on beneficial Indian culture being forgotten and obsolete cultural mannerisms that need to be jettisoned if we are to make any impacting progress in this globalized world.
  • Social media category of Malaysian Indians issues focuses on the trends, fads and idiosyncrasies of social networks that either influences or affects the Malaysian Indian society. From teenage quirks to ALS awareness ice bucket (and other trends that may spring up) this sub category of Malaysian Indian Issues strives to expose em all.
  • The General sub category of Malaysian Indian Issues functions to encompass everything Malaysian and the happenings around the world in the spirit of being Malaysians and global citizens.

You can send us your personal stories and feedback as well as suggest relevant topics for us to publish and write in Malaysian Indian Issues. If you don’t want to reveal your real name, provide a pseudonym. We won’t reveal your identity – privacy policy is guaranteed.

Malaysian Indian issues aim to reach the deepest corners of our community and bring about much needed change in terms of equality, justice and fairness via words. The pen is sharper than the sword after all.

Malaysian Indians' Issue

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