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She has an opinion on every Malaysian Indian goings on. She can be called Karuthu Kannama. She writes on issues that matter in our Indian community and forwards fresh and sometimes revolutionary ideals.

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    It’s understandable to not want to be bogged down by taboos and superstition. You believe in Since right? There is a science behind colours Actually. The legitimate reason for not wearing black is that it attracts negative energy. Therefore the reason for not wearing black is because you would not want to attract negative energy to a family’s or couples auspicious event. That is what they use the words bad luck and death to instil fear. If you believe in science and energy Then I feel that you will understand the reason. However this taboo does not contribute to the discrimination of dark skinned girls (I’m also dark), that is solely on upbringing and external influence. It does not matter how modern you are, sometimes There are things that go beyond modernity like science. Do some reading and you will get the meaning. Not to beat you down, just something I know regarding this taboo.


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