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She has an opinion on every Malaysian Indian goings on. She can be called Karuthu Kannama. She writes on issues that matter in our Indian community and forwards fresh and sometimes revolutionary ideals.

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    Malar Kandasamy

    The best article that I have ever read.. thumbs up to the writer. I enjoy each and every articles of yours. Keep up the good work.

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    Tamilan oru emaanthu pona Elipudukken….

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    Saathikalai uyarnthathoo thaazhnthathoo endru yaar pirithattathu? Ella saathikalum thevai. Aanal athai pirivukkaaga payanpaduthuvathai vida oteumaikkaage payanpaduthuvathe nandru. Kaaranam, saathi enbathu Un tharathai solvathu Alle. Un uravugalai inaippathu. Yaathum oore yaavarum kelir enpathukkoppa, uravu vattathai perukkuvathe saathi. Intha sathikkaaranukku athe saathikkaran uravu. Avvalavuthaan, idaiyil, evano oruvan uyarnthathu thaaznthathu endru pirithathai innum kolgaiyaage kondu vaazhbavargal moodargal. Saathiyai ozhitthu samathuvam kaanbathai vida, saathiyai kondu samathuvam kaanum sinthanaikku thamizhargal vanthaal amaithi nilavum. Sontag vittu poyidakkudaathunu saathi paarthu kalyaanam pannale, sontham onna seranum nu thaan saathi paarthu kalyaana panravangge. ‘Nam uyarntha saathi’, ‘Nammale thaazhthi paesuraangge’, ‘Saathi ille’ endru vasananggal paesuvathai vida, ella saathiyum sammam end kolagaikku varanum. Kaaranam ovvoru saathikkum athan kalacharanggalil thanithuvam ullathu. Enave, saathi pathi peasa venam endru solvathai vida, nee enna saathiya irunthaa enakkena, niyum naanum nanbendaa, endru saathi paarkamal natpu kolla vendum. Because, your caste is your blood related family , whereas, other castes are your friends. So, sathi ille nu solravan ellam nallavanum ille, saathi irukkunu solravan ellam kettavanum ille. Ippe naan entha saathiyaiyum thazthi peasale. But, author has said that Ilayaraja is from low caste, Rjajini is from dalit. May I know who ranked them as low caste? Neither me nor you? So, where is the problem? Is it in the system or the user’s mentality? Decision is yours

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      I forwarded examples in the form of Rajini and Ilayaraja because of the claim that people from low castes are not as dexterous as people from high caste. Like Eklavya who mastered archery surpassing that of Arjuna’s, caste doesn’t determine a person’s abilities. I’m merely pointing that out. And, please do comment in English.

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    Julius Caesar

    Caste is the identity of the devils ,demons and Brahmanic slaves, known as sudras in the rigveda. When Brahmanic barbaric faith was introduced in Tamil Nadu during Kalaprar and Vijaya Nagara colonial rules, some parayars converted from Saivism, Vaishanavism etc etc into barbaric Brahmanic faith for material gain and they were given a caste SUDRA lowest caste in the Hindu caste system, such as Kaunder, Pllai, Mudhaliyar and etc.. and they acquired land and other facilities from the colonial government-Vijaya Nagara Empire. All these were done upon the advice of the Raja Guru whowere Brahmin priests, called as barbarians in the ancient days. They were foreigners but today claiming superiority in the Indian society. Converts were punished in history but not as worst as towards non Brahmanic people. Non Christians in India were not punished, non Muslims in Tamil Nadu were not punished but non Brahmanic people in Tamil Nadu who opposed Brahmanic barbaric belief were punished by transmitting canseric caste deadly cells- by condemning them as untouchables. Who are these untouchables? They were the followers of Buddhism dominating people during ancient Tamil Nadu until Tamil Nadu fall into the hands of the Telugus, Vijaya Nagara Rule. The so called Mukkulathor did nothing to stop the Telugu’s colonization but shamelessly, joined them and accepted their rule and religion by becoming their slaves. These tribal people boast a lot about themselves, but could not stand against theTelugu in the battlefield. Today in the eyes of anthropologists, they are Brahmanic slaves today. How can a slave can claim superiority when meeting an anti brahmanic tribe who opposed the new religion? An anti Brahmanic tribe is superior than the Brahmanic slave -the Sudras. All Buddhists who opposed Brahmanism were labeled as untouchables , punishing in the worst way ever in history for not accepting another faith. Christianity, and Islam did not punish like this.Please don’t forget that our race, religion, caste, culture, all are not TRUTH. We are just HUMANBEINGS. That is the only real TRUTH. What is your caste,race and religion when your soul dissolved in the air once you are dead? All those who opposed the barbaric, brahmanic faith were the Parayars who belonged to the highest social order during Raja Raja Cholan’s reign. During ancient days, according to Puranaanuru,
    they were one of the top five high societies in Tamil Nadu. Those days there were no pillay, no Mudaliar, no kaunder. These were new castes given later by the colonial masters-Telugus. For information,Tamil Nadu is still under the control of the Telugus. There is a saying ‘Hundred Tamils are not equalant to one Telugu’. Jayalalitha, Karunanidhi, VaiKo, Vijayakanth, Maruthwar Rama Dass are Telugus. Why Tamil Nadu(,since Tamils in Malaysia originated from there) , from the days Krishna Devar Rayar reign until today under the political control of the Telugus? Can the Sudras from Tamil Nadu ever can claim superority over the opposers of the barbaric Brahmanic belief? A Sudra is a low caste, and a traitor of the Your mother land Tamil Nadu. He can be of any tribe- pillai, mudaliar, kaunder etc etc tribes.
    All untouchables belonged to the noble PARAYAR community who were at one time great scholarly and noble race and they migrated to Tamil Nadu from Hastinapur, North India-Uttar Pradesh during the 3rd century AD when Brahmanism became powerful in the north. They were the subjects of the Mauryan Empire. Their DNA is closer to the Aryan’s DNA- Caucasic race.

    The Pallars previously known as Mallars were the descendants of Pandyan Kings,and when Sunthara Pandyan lost in the war against the Telugus those refused to embrace Brahmanic faith were made as untouchables. They were the real Tamil people who lived in Kumari kandam.
    The Chaklis/Aruthathiyars were from Andrapradesh and the decendants of the Chakli King.

    Now, no untouchable is inferior to any of the Sudras (brahmanic coverts). They are superior than the SUDRAS in term of ancestry. During the great civilization, they were no Pillai. no mudaliar, no kaunder, no thevar, no kallan etc. All were Proto-Tamil speaking people. but Pallar,and Parayar existed during this civilization.
    In short, Parayar, Pallar and Chaklis are not untouchables but anti brahmanic people, and no one can, even the Hindu gods can label them as untouchables , the great truth is they are human beings just like the Germans and the British. But the pillais, mudaliars, kaunders etc etc are the low caste Hindus according to the holy-Veda- the Rigveda. Let them live as Sudras as long as they want and be happy for being Sudras. But they can’t label the brave and superior Parayar, Pallars and Chaklis communities whose forefathers stood aginst the brahmanic beliefs. Hopefully, all these people aware of their origin and history and walk tall towards PROGRESS , and show LOVE, CARE and CONCERN to all living things. Please refer the websites for more details. Just type the caste, you will get a lot information.

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    At the end of the day how much money in ur pocket/bank account makes all the differences
    Just appreciate Tamil culture not caste tat is important

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    Caste = Tamil society diseases. Most religion conversion case also based on this reason apart from poverty.

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    We like to introduce our-self representating lower caste Hindu in Bangladesh we are member of minority forum or Bangladesh want to visit to Malaysia similar organisation we will be highly obliges if your organisation allow us visit your organisation to view and experience of low cast Hindu in Malaysian life .for your kind information we want exchange our experience and idea with your people also .

    Thanking your we r waiting for your kind response


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