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She has an opinion on every Malaysian Indian goings on. She can be called Karuthu Kannama. She writes on issues that matter in our Indian community and forwards fresh and sometimes revolutionary ideals.

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    i woud like to marry the girl above

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    This is true and hurtful, good honest journalism. There is ONE ironic truth I’d like to point out about dark skin and westerner, the richest most powerful people at this moment in time. To quote my American friend who when in Indonesia was frequently asked, ‘why you people (westerners) always want to date the help?’.
    It’s a joke, meaning dark skin is often seen as very attractive by folks from a lilly white country. It’s no surprise Jim Carrey likes that melanine glow. If you have the means, my dark skin sisters go study, work in Germany, England, France, US etc you will drown in the kind of attention you will get from men, assuming of course you don’t mind limiting yourself to Indian men!

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    I’m in love with a beautiful dark skinned girl, she’s the love of my life and she’s the most gorgeous looking woman I know, I don’t know if it’s love or I’m just naturally attracted to dark skinned girls, but whatever it is no one should be judged by their looks , people can’t choose how they were born , but they can choose how they want to live their lifes. So remember this guys, never love a person for their looks , love them for who they are, and if the person is a looker too, then you just got lucky buddy:) And I am one lucky man:)

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    I would be happy to marry the darkest Tamil lady that walks the Earth, as long as she’s a good person and still able to bear children. I don’t want to live under Modi though. If you extra-dusky, nubile ladies are having a hard time getting hitched because of the problem described in this article, come to the US. One of you will get me and I bet the rest of you will find someone too. I’m 45 and of Scottish descent, have blond and red hair, live on the East coast.


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