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    Asha Jayne

    True in most cases. I have first hand experience on this matter, maybe worse as I have a sister 10 tones lighter than me. However, I have learnt to overcome this and ignore people’s shallow-minded comments. I now know that a girl’s beauty lies in her intelligence and confidence. Regardless of what your genetic make-up is, if you present yourself well and carry yourself with class, you are the most beautiful woman there ever can be. Yet, despite all this, I have heard insensitive remarks from people about my sister and husband being extremely light in complexion – imagine almost European light. To this people, I tell myself – I pity your lack of Education and ignorance – and smile and move on with my life. It took me awhile to learn that it doesn’t matter what your skin colour is, but I did learn that. I consider myself lucky that my husband is not one of those Indian men who looks at skin colour. In fact his entire family members look like they stepped out of Hindi movie. But you know what? I am confident to say that in my family photo with them, I do look beautiful simply because I have been taught by my loving husband to dress like British royalty and put on a million-dollar smile. And to your cousin who’s going through this, do not settle for anyone who tells you are anything but beautiful inside and out. ♥

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    I just couldn’t stop myself from commenting. First of all, I’m a dark skinned girl and at the age of getting married. The most concerned people of the skin colour, I would say the mothers then follows the men. They would want their grandchild to be fair and therefore if their son is dark they are finding for fair skin girl to make it right. My mother is a match maker and I see that everytime she gets a client. “I would want a fair skin girl for my son”, that’s the first rule. I always get frustrated and ask back my mom, what will happen to girls like me? I am facing the same thing. My mom is asking me to apply all sorts of powder to make myself fair but that’s not what I wish to do. I want the guy to look at how dark I can be but still loves me for who I am. Beauty is not the appearance but the heart that matters the most. I will not settle for someone who doesn’t know how to see the inner beauty.

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    Dark skin girls much more beautiful than they ever thought..!!<3

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    This is so sad. I am a fair skinned African American female, in love with a dark skinned Tamil guy. I find it disheartening that some Indians suffer with the slave mentality that blacks suffer from. White people have historically been to every continent enslaving and colonizing people and yet people of color want to emulate these people. You all need to practice self-love, and then you will be able to embrace and love others. It only makes sense that if you hate your own skin, how could you embrace someone else with dark skin? I have met many educated fools & believe me (these comments are utterly ridiculous and embarassing). I WISH I COULD JUST SHAKE SOME BLACK/BROWN PEOPLE, UNTIL THEY REALIZE that WHITE people have went around the world teaching people to hate their hair, skin, nose etc…I will never allow people to perpetuate these ideals on to my children. Take a stand against this (parents). Remember GOD gave all races beauty, intellect, and the ability to make right & wrong choices.

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      >> White people have historically been to every continent enslaving and colonizing people <<

      People of color invaded Europe long before Europeans colonized other countries.

      * The African Moors invaded Spain and Portugal, controlling those nations for centuries.

      * The Mongols extended their empire as far west as Switzerland, controlling Russian and much of Eastern Europe for centuries.

      * The Turks invaded as far as Vienna, controlling the Balkans for centuries.

      Happily, the indigenous European peoples eventually expelled these invaders and colonizers of color.

      So you see, Europeans didn't start the invading and colonizing.

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    I think people need to adress this issue at its root. Before the european colonisation of india and the rest of the world peolpe had a far more intelligent way of appreciating brown skin. Due to european brain washing we dont remem brama and krishna were so dark they were blue black. What is the need tochange hindu Gods looks today? The answer is to make the white european oppresser superior to darker skinned people world wide. Before european colonization and slavery there was no distinction of limitation put. Color put on any one by any race or nation. By the way before white. supremacy your nation was your race. We need to stop taking the oppressor way of thinking. For instance who gives us the terminolgy fair skin the word india niger. You see when europens colonized the europeans colonized the world they gave names to places that already had names they rewrote all of the people who they conquereds history and wrote lies. To keep us in mental slavery.. So if the Gods of the Vedas were black then why do we need fair skined pictures of brama shiva and krishna. To lie about God and the hindu people mad in Gods image is blasphemy and you we should wrekognize the beauty in all humans. And love th we darkskinned people because that was the Gods of Indias choice color. Because the hindu Gods chose to be none other than black. Dont worry at the end of kaliyuga the. White suppremacist way of thinking will be destroyed


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    J Bram

    I am a university educated, wealthy, fair skinned man from a professional family who prefers DARK skinned women. The darker the better. I find them to be magnificently beautiful as do many men who have not been subjected to the nonsense of bigotry against dark skin. Most of us are in the USA unfortunately for us and the dark beauties back in India and south east Asia. They are sooo beautiful!!!!!!! Dark skin, hair and eyes. I really admire it. Fair skin and especially skin that has been bleached (we can tell) just looks weak to me and doesn’t make my heart beat deeply.


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