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She has an opinion on every Malaysian Indian goings on. She can be called Karuthu Kannama. She writes on issues that matter in our Indian community and forwards fresh and sometimes revolutionary ideals.

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    Maya Korrs

    It is the same thing in Singapore.. I dont see local Indian women working out in the gym. They dont want to even take a walk in the neighbourhood cos embarassed about the people who will look at them and judge them. It is very sad. I myself have been told not to go out to jog in my neighbourhood cos people will see. But end of day, who cares?? I think Indian women reallllllly need to stop thinking about what others would think of them and just start living their lives. And stop making excuses and asking people how to lose weight and then complain they dont have time bla bla bla… And stop frying everything! Frying vegetables and adding tons of oil into everything aint gonna help the heart.

    Love your thought provoking pieces! Im a fan!! 🙂

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