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    Good article. I agree with what jas been written. The reason I stumbled upon this article is because I googled this ceremony as we plan to do it for my daughter.
    Its a cultural thing and yes ….I agree , I do not want it to be lavish. More of an ancient tradition that I would like my daughter to enjoy participating in.
    But where do you draw the line? Whats the definition of lavish? All our traditions seem to entain pattu sarrees and gold.!
    After much thought. ..we decided that the basic ceremony will be done, and my daughter will be dressed as simple as she likes.
    Once again. Good article.

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    Preba Pather

    I do agree that some parents go overboard and have lost the sense of this age-old ritual. In this modern age it’s important that a girl consents to such a ceremony and understands the implications.I see sadanggu as a celebration and confirmation of one’s femininity, marking the first step into womanhood. Far too many women has lost their femininity in a quest to compete in a man’s world.
    Unfortunately, the article presents a rather shallow view of a complex cultural ritual


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