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She has an opinion on every Malaysian Indian goings on. She can be called Karuthu Kannama. She writes on issues that matter in our Indian community and forwards fresh and sometimes revolutionary ideals.

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    Such an intellectual article. I love it. Write more..!

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    Dark skin is just another feature. You mentioned that “Also, even if a fair skinned Indian girl is fat or has blunt facial features she is still considered more beautiful than a slim and sharp face featured but with dark skin colour Indian girl in most cases.” Obviously, in general, sharp features look better than blunt features, slim body looks better than fat. For the same reason, fair skin looks better then dark skin tone. Dark skin men may be more acceptable than dark skin girls, but if you think about it, short girls are more acceptable than short men. Different sexes, different criteria for beauty. If you think it is sexist and hypocrite, then start voicing out for the short men too.

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      I agree that short men should be represented positively in movies as well because short or tall, they are all beautiful.
      Pardon me, but by saying “If you think it is sexist and hypocrite, then start voicing out for the short men too”, are you implying that she is wrong for speaking up about the lack of representation of dark skinned women just because she hasn’t pointed out the lack of representation of short men?
      If yes, then does someone necessarily have to talk about every single problem in a field? Is it wrong to point out one problem alone that has grabbed one’s attention at a given point of time?

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    Carbon Black

    In 2019 Indians are still colonized. They strive to look like their British and European masters and other albino colonizers who swept down from the steppes of Asia before the British.


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