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She has an opinion on every Malaysian Indian goings on. She can be called Karuthu Kannama. She writes on issues that matter in our Indian community and forwards fresh and sometimes revolutionary ideals.

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    I’ve been following this site lately and I think you deserve a thumbs up. Well going back to the movie review, personally I think the movie was just an entertainer. No offense whatsoever, but I think our people are still stuck between taking a movie as a movie and looking at it as if life depends on it. Yes, I know movies and the so called entertainment industry somehow contributes in modelling generation, but hey don’t you think everyone should have some sort of brain and sense before taking any movie as their life guideline? I just felt like your criticism was not weighed, but entirely judged. It’s a movie with a title that camouflages alcohol, why would anyone expect a ‘karuthu’ from such a movie and live life with it? Yes, there were fat shaming in it, so it was in Pitch Perfect, but why could people take that but not this? Is it cause of the language of the movie? For all I’ve known, many not a size zero woman (being one myself) have been awesomely motivated by fat Amy’s character in Pitch Perfect, so why not take this in the same way. All I could see in the movie was the confidence level of Vidyu for pulling out such a character. Think again, which is wrong – the movie or the people’s mentality? Personally I think the ultimate goal of a movie is to make the consumers to forget their sorrow and entertain them, its like a therapy. Correct me if I’m wrong, the 2 hours of watching this movie – it did kind of achieved that goal. Don’t mistaken me for some sort of die hard fan of cheap comedy, but if Charlie Chaplin didn’t do those silly tricks, people would still be in deep depression after the war. 🙂

    PS: Do watch the movie again, the director had subtly covered political and social issues. It was too subtle maybe, but if one gets it, they would know it wasn’t just about friendship and love.

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      Please do read the review again. I did say that this movie is enjoyable at face value. I also feted Vidyu. This is a Tamil movie review. We don’t wish to compare it with Hollywood movies as the discrepancy is too high. It would be unfair to compare Kochadaiyan with Avatar – because the standards are too far apart for comparison to be done. My criticism not weighed but entirely judged – that’s the way I write. My writing style. The wrong lies in the people’s obsession with entertainment. You know that a society is doomed when actors are hailed as leaders rather than educationists and scientists. My writings reflect that fundamental flaw a lot and that’s why I even look for loopholes in entertainment and then actually bother to pinpoint them. It’s my way of saying, “Yo, most Indian movies are shit. Please stop taking em seriously.” Because people actually do take the shit in Indian movies as life lessons apart from treating it as a stress buster. Nowhere did I say that this movie is wrong. I did say that this movie will be able to iron out the blues in one. Clean entertaining Indian movies without karuthu, fat shaming and women objectifying can be made and have been made – Pancha Thanthiram, Manmadhan Ambu, Thillu Mullu, Kaaka Muttai etc. Our community is in a run down state so every revolutionary within it is crucial. I am not here to make people entertained. I’m here to make people think. You’re a thinker and would you like to write for us? Sorry, I don’t like watching most Tamil movies for the second time. I’ll pass on that.


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